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Teacher Elke and Laura made this blog to establish a real communication between children from different countries (China and Spain) using English. It was an amazing project that we would like to continue in the future…

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The biggest ball in the world

Hello, my name is Alexis and these two doggies are my best friends. They are Cuba and Pencho and we always explore the world together. We have a lot of fun!

alexis sisti

One day, I was at the library and I found a book about hidden treasures. I read that there was a treasure that I really wanted to have: the biggest ball in the world… OH DEAR!! I LOVE BALLS! alexis reading I decided to go and find it, so I asked Pencho and Cuba to come with me. They were so excited that they broke one of my mum’s pillows, she wasn’t happy at all… 2012-05-31 08.29.59 Before going to find the treasure, we needed to prepare ourselves. First I went to the supermarket and bought some food (just in case we got lost and we didn’t arrive on time for dinner), then I cooked a special lunch for explorers. Have you ever tried it? It gives you a lot of energy and it is delicious. Finally I put dad’s shoes on and we were READY to go!!!
shoes on I took my motorbike, but Pencho suggested changing it for the car, as there was no room for the three of us…. And off we went!! alexis car After a long drive, we arrived to the place. We looked and looked everywhere, but we couldn’t find anything… Suddenly, we saw a sign!!
“Yeeees, it  is there!!!!! “
Cuba ran into the sea… She saw a rope and started to pull it… “Oh no”, I thought, “she can’t do it”, “it is very heavy…” Pencho went to help her. (Mum didn’t allow me to go, she thinks I can’t swim…)  “PULL!! PULL!!!”




couldn’t believe it… THE BIGGEST BALL IN THE WORLD!!!

Have you ever seen a ball like this one? Who do you think it belongs to?
Have you ever found any treasure?
Miss Laura xx

Mary Poppins

When I was little, one of my favourite characters from a book was Mary Poppins.
Most people know her from the famous movie by Walt Disney, but actually she comes from this book: marypoppins-book_114
It is impossible not to like her. She is great!! She is the perfect baby sitter. Do you know her?
These are the reasons I like her:
She is very funny because she spends all day playing games!
She is  patient and never gets angry with children.
She is magic and can fly using an umbrella!!
She is friendly and chats with everyone, even with animals!! I love animals!
images (1)
She is caring and sings songs when the children are sad. She is nice and is always smiling.
She is very clever because she can say the longest word in the world. Look!!
 “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” Can you say this word?

 Do you like Mary Poppins?
What is your favoruite character? 
What is her/his personality like? 
How do you know? 
That is all for now.  Hope you enjoy Mary Poppins!
Goodbye!    Miss Laura


When I was born, lots of things were happening in the world… Someone from Germany invented the Compact Disc (CD) and one of my favourite series started on TV: The A-Team!The A-Team NBC tv show image

cd But at that time I didn´t really care because I was a baby…ba

When I was a baby I loved playing with animals at my grandma´s house……. that was until that hen bit my finger and my grandfather took me to hospital in tears.

2013-10-13 21.20.50(1)

When I was 6 years old, my sister and I took our first flight in an airplane… We had a lot of fun even though the airplane didn´t  take off…hahaha

2013-10-13 21.17.39(1)

Every summer holiday, my family and I used to go to one of the most famous beaches in Murcia, La Manga del Mar Menor ( and my father bought the most amazing boat in the world!!

2013-10-13 21.19.02

We sailed every day, until one morning it sank  when we were trying to use it with 23 children in it…


When I was 9 years old I watched my favourite film for the first time… The Goonies!! And after that I wanted to be a treasure hunter (or a pirate). I strongly reccomend this movie!! I have already watched it at least 143 times and I still love it!


When I was at school, one of my hobbies was rollerblading. I used to go to classes every Monday and Wednesday in the evenings. At the end of the term we loved performing and dancing with our rollerskates. I bet you can’t find me in this picture!!! You have to look hard!!!

2013-10-13 21.23.21

Do you have a story from when you were little?

Did something nice, funny or sad happen to you when you were little? 


Hello children!

In Spain, one of our favourite pastimes is eating!!  We enjoy eating so much that apart from having breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Spanish people have also invented  two extra moments throughout the day when we stop what we are doing to… EAT!!! These are called ‘almuerzo’ (this is between breakfast and lunch) and ‘merienda’ (between lunch and dinner). That’s why some of us look like this boy…
Anyway, if you take care of what you eat and follow a healthy diet, you will be more likely to be like these beautiful children from the Sixth Grade at Monte Anaor School…
2013-05-28 10.19.32
One of our most famous dishes is PAELLA. It is made with rice and all kind of other things mixed in… We make sea food paella, vegetable paella, chicken paella, pork paella, rabbit paella and even snail paella…Have a look!! 

We are so obsessed with paella that we even have competions to see who can cook the biggest…   Check this out!

The biggest paella in the world
The biggest paella in the world

But not everything is about yellow rice… We have other traditional foods like Spanish ham, Spanish omelette, Gazpacho (tomato and vegetables soup), Cocido (chickpeas, meat and vegetable casserole), Croquettes, Calamari, etc… hmmmm!! I am very hungry now!

Spanish omelette
Spanish omelette

But not everything is that good… When you are a child you have to eat certain dishes that nobody likes, but mum always tells you that they are healthy (remember mum is always right!!).  So you have to eat everything, but one day, when you are and adult, you love them (most of them anyway…haha!). So here we have spinach casserole, olla gitana (translated to English would be ‘ gipsy pan’) fish and vegetables, but the one I didn’t like at all when I was a child was lentils. What do you think? Would you try them?
What about you?
What is the typical food in your country?
What are your favourite dishes and which ones don’t you like?
What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

That’s all for now!


xx Miss Laura